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Is Your Small Business in Need of a Little LOVE?

Join our Alliance today and become a part of a family of small businesses working together to help each other compete with the big guys! Whatever your small business is in need of, we have the network and relationships you require to grow.

As a social enterprise, we at SEA Change strive for a triple-bottom line that maximizes PROFITS by deeply respecting and valuing the needs of PEOPLE and our PLANET.

As a member of our Alliance, you will gain access to affordable professional services in each of these 3 areas.



1PROFIT Services – In addition to bookkeeping, budgeting and tax preparation, we are experts in designing and implementing new or improved processes that lower costs, increase efficiency, create value and improve business performance. We also offer affordable, youth-powered marketing services such as flyer delivery, door-to-door sales and street marketing campaigns.

2PEOPLE Services – At SEA Change we believe people are the key to an enterprise’s success. Taking care of the people in your business requires more than just fair wages, incentive programs and benefits. In today’s complex world people need more guidance and support. If you want to lower employee turnover in your small business, our Business Plan for Life workshop and ongoing life coaching services will give both you and your employees the foundation and tools needed to succeed.

3PLANET Services – In partnership with some of Calgary’s leading environmental and sustainability experts, we can help your business achieve cost savings (and potentially increased revenues) through lowering your environmental footprint. In today’s world, it definitely pays to be green!


To book a free and informal consultation to explore if the SEA CHANGE family is right for you and your small business, contact Tammy today.

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