Izabela Galazka

Izabela (Izzy) is an amazing individual. She survived her teens living on the streets and in the youth homeless shelter system thanks to hard work, relentless determination and support from great organizations such as the Alex Youth Health Centre, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, Potential Place and social programs such as AISH. In December 2011, Izzy finished her first university level course. Her hope is that her employment at SEA Change will help her to transition away from AISH to a life of financial independence, self-reliance and community. Her dream is to use her gifts and experiences to help other people.

Izabela’s contributions to SEA Change are invaluable. She has a deep understanding of our systems in Alberta, but what sets her apart is her innate sense of what is right and what is wrong. Important societal concepts and values that the founders of SEA Change have been grappling with for years, Izzy was born knowing. In the face of adversity the majority of us can’t relate to, she never gives up. She is an inspiration and the world is a better place because she is in it.

Izabela and Tammy met in 2010 through an art program SEA Change sponsored at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary. Their first project together was the launch of a greeting card business called dIZZY dESIGNS.

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