change agent – n. people who act as catalysts for positive social and environmental change.


Meet Amelia. She is an incredibly talented youth. Amelia became a SEA Change Agent only a few short weeks ago and she’s already experienced some of our major firsts. At the Pathways to Sustainability Conference, Amelia presented Mayor Nenshi with one of our eco-creations tote bags and earned more than a living wage selling them to the other conference delegates.

Click here to check out Amelia’s Blog!


Meet Cassidy Robertson. She is graduating from high school in June and in July she will be starting an internship here at SEA Change Nation.

We couldn’t be more excited!!

Visit http://cassidy-robertson.com/ to check out Cassidy’s website and get to know how amazing she actually is!



Meet Michael. He’s an amazing youth with a passion for fashion. His life hasn’t been particularly easy, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a key player in the launch of our teen consignment clothing store. It is our hope that Michael will become one of the first youth to officially enter our Social Entrepreneurship Academy.

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